What is a Doughball?

Our DoughBalls are our signature dishes, delicious twice-proven pizza dough cooked until light and fluffy. Topped with delicious savoury or sweet toppings!

Our Menus

Food menus are available for
dine-in & takeaway.

The menu is subject to change at any time; prices may vary slightly between locations.

What sets our pizzas apart from the rest?

At DoughBalls, we pride ourselves on unique flavour combinations, from Chimichurri Beef, Burrata, and Prosciutto to our BBQ Pork Pizza! And did we mention we LOVE pineapple on pizza? Our pizzas are not based on the traditional Napolitana Pizzas you see everywhere but more on the Roman-style Pizza. If you haven’t tried it, ask our team about our unique Pizzata base, a wafer-thin pizza base cooked to thin and crispy perfection. This pizza is light and lets the toppings sing! Yummy!

Some of our Delicious Meals

fabulous functions!

fabulous functions!